Relevant conference presentations

Tai H Pham & Scott H Murray: Creating a Trade Network to Promote Key Value Chains between Australia and Viet Nam (2017)



Pham H Ti & Scott H Muray (2016).The Economic Development Path in Viet Nam: Key Value Chains

2016_ Prague

Pham H Tai & Scott H Murray (2016). Ex Post Assessment of Five Existing Free Trade Agreement of Viet Nam


Pham H Tai & Scott H Murray (2015). Preferential Trade Agreements: the Impacts on the Vietnamese Economy, Humboldt-Universitt zu Germany

Tai_Scott Humboldt

Tai_Humboldt VN

Pham H Tai & Scott H Murray ( 2014). Estimating the Economic Effects of the Potential Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on Vietnam Economy, Purdue University, U.S.A.


Pham H Tai & Scott H Murray (2013). The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: an Opportunity for Vietnam to Reduce the Dependence of China Economy, Institut de Mathmatiques de Toulouse, France


Pham H Tai & Scott H Murray (2012). The Opportunities and Challenges of AANZFTA for Vietnamese Entrepreneurs, Viet Nam.

Tai+ Scott AANZFTA outline


Pham H Tai (2011)The Role of Australia in Contributing to the Economic Growth of ASEAN, National University of Singapore


Relevantseminar presentations

Using GEMPACKtool to Build Scenarios for the Economy of Mo Cay, Ben Tre – Viet Nam

– Presentation(2012) in University of Canberra:


Audio 1, Audio 2, Audio 3, Audio 4, audio 5, audio 6, Audio 7, Audio 8

-Presentation (2013)in Hoa Sen University :


Presentation (2012) University of Economics of HCM

presentation DHKT



Relevant publications


Methodology for Estimating the economic impact of an Free Trade Agreement on ASEAN Countries- Case Study: Ex-Post Assessment of Five Vietnam Free Trade Agreement and Ex-Ante Assessment of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on Vietnam



Pham, H. Tai & Scott H. Murray (2012) Australia and New Zealand: Potential Impact on ASEAN Growth submitted to Developing Economies;

Pham, H. Tai (2002) Local Economic Development Theories Economic Development Review vol 139,

Pham, H. Tai (2000) Applying Input-Output Model in Building Company Strategy Plan, Economic Development Review vol 114,

Pham, H. Tai (1999) Methodology for Assessing the Impact of Shifting Capital and Labour between Sectors of the Economy Economic Development Review, vol 115,


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