Master’s projects

University of Canberra
Dr. Sergey Sergeev
Masters Projects.

  1. Projects in Calculus
    1.1 Complex calculus and foundations of the modern theoretical Statistics [TAKEN]
    1.2 Complex calculus and and its application to multidimensional Euclidean Geometry and to the theory of special functions
  2. Projects in Analysis
    2.1 Notion of Analysis, its difference from the Calculus. Example: derivation of
    ∑_(n=1)^∞▒1/n^2 =π^2/6,
    and many other equations
  3. Projects in Discrete Mathematics
    3.1 Modern analytical cryptography
    3.2 Exotic mathematical induction
  4. Projects in History of Mathematics/History of Mathematical Education
    4.1 Napoleon theorem (how the Napoleon Theorem can be/can not be proven by the methods of Euclidean Geometry)
    4.2 History of Tsiolkovsky equation (Moore 1813, Taight and Stils 1856, Leitch 1861, Tsiolkovsky 1903), modern situation.
  5. Projects in Modern Geometry
    5.1 De Rham complex and the coordinate free formulation of Maxwell theory.
    5.2 Foundations of Riemann Geometry. Example: the Poincare space, 3-wave equations, volumes of ideal polyhedra.
    5.3 Foundations of Riemann Geometry. Example: the general and special relativity. Applications to GPS.