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Most of my code and data is included in the computer algebra systems Magma and/or GAP. This section provides links to code and other material that is available separately.

With Arjeh M. Cohen, An algorithm for Lang’s Theorem, Journal of Algebra 322 (2009) no. 3, 675-702. arXiv:math/0506068

I have written a short note on applying Lang’s Theorem to groups of Lie type. This is based on results in: François Digne and Jean Michel, Representations of Finite Groups of Lie Type, Cambridge University Press (1991).

Conjugacy classes in maximal parabolic subgroups of the general linear group, Journal of Algebra 233 (2000) no. 1, 135-155.  arXiv:math/0001031

This paper is based on my Ph.D. thesis of the same name. My advisor was Jon L. Alperin at the Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago.

With E. A. O’Brien, Selecting base points for the Schreier-Sims algorithm for matrix groups, Journal of Symbolic Computation 19 (1995) no. 6, 577-584.

The implementation of the random Schreier-Sims algorithm used for this paper is also available.

This paper is based on part of my honours thesis called The Schreier-Sims algorithm. My supervisor was E. A. O’Brien at the School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University.

With Arjeh M. Cohen, An automated proof theory approach to computation with permutation groups, course given by Arjeh Cohen at the Calculemus Autumn School 2002.

The implementation in GAP of the methods discussed is available, along with some examples of its use.