Research Grants

ARC Linkage Project Grant LP160100910

Title: Preventing railway suicide: An open-systems perspective
Investigators: Prof Byron Keating (ANU, lead CI), Prof Roland Goecke (UC), Prof Shirley Gregor (ANU), Prof John Campbell (ANU), Dr Dale Roberts (ANU), Dr Armin Haller (ANU), Prof Simon Restubog (ANU and UNSW), Prof Shirley Leitch (ANU)
Period: Dec 2016 – Dec 2019
Amount: $450k

ARC Discovery Project Grant DP130101094

Title: Affective Sensing Technology for the Detection and Monitoring of Depression and Melancholia
Investigators: Dr Roland Goecke (UC, lead CI), Prof Gordon Parker (UNSW), Prof Helen Christensen (UNSW), Dr Julien Epps (UNSW), Prof Jeffrey Cohn (U Pittsburgh), Dr Patrick Lucey (U Pittsburgh)
Period: Jan 2013 – Dec 2015
Amount: $360k

NeCTAR Virtual Lab grant (NeCTAR homepage, Virtual Lab programme homepage, Announcement)

Title: Above and Beyond Speech, Language and Music: A Virtual Lab for Human Communication Science (HCS vLab)
Investigators: Prof Denis Burnham (UWS, lead CI) + a total of 53 CIs from 13 universities
From UC: Dr Roland Goecke, Prof Michael Wagner, Dr Girija Chetty, A/Prof Dat Tran
Period: Oct 2012 – Dec 2013
Amount: $1.4M

ANDS Seeding the Commons grant SC30

Title: Cross‐communication and enhanced accessibility for research data management systems
Investigators: Dr Roland Goecke (UC)
Period: Aug 2011 – Aug 2012
Amount: $75k

UC ECR grant

Title: From Lab to Practice – Developing Robust Affective Sensing Technology for the Diagnosis of Depression
Investigators: Dr Roland Goecke (UC)
Period: Aug 2011 – June 2012
Amount: $20k

ARC Discovery Project grant DP110103767

Title: Extending Fuzzy Logic
Investigators: Prof Tom Gedeon (ANU), Dr Roland Goecke (UC), Dr Sumudu Mendis (ANU)
Period: Jan 2011 – Dec 2013
Amount: $240k

UC DVC-R Research Fellowship

Title: Affective Sensing Technology for the Quantitative Assessment of Major Depression and Melancholia
Investigator: Dr Roland Goecke (UC)
Period: Aug 2010 – Jul 2011
Amount: $18.9k

ARC LIEF grant LE100100211

Title: The Big Australian Speech Corpus: An Audio-Visual Speech Corpus of Australian English
Investigators: Denis Burnham (UWS), Felicity Cox (Macquarie U), Andrew Butcher (Flinders U), Janet Fletcher (U Melbourne), Michael Wagner (U Canberra), Julien Epps (UNSW), John Ingram (UQ), Joanne Arciuli (U Sydney), Roberto Togneri (UWA), Philip Rose (ANU), Nenagh Kemp (U Tasmania), Anne Cutler (MPI Psycholinguistics), Robert Dale (Macquarie U), Kuratate Takaaki (UWS), David Powers (Flinders U), Stephen Cassidy (Macquarie U), David Grayden (U Melbourne), Deborah Loakes (U Melbourne), Mohammed Bennamoun (UWA), Trent Lewis (Flinders U), Roland Goecke (UC), Catherine Best (UWS), Steven Bird (U Melbourne), Eliathamby Ambikairajah (UNSW), John Hajek (U Melbourne), Shunichi Ishihara (ANU), Yuko Kinoshita (UC), Dat Tran (UC), Girija Chetty (UC), Mark Onslow (U Sydney)
Period: Jan 2010 – Dec 2010
Amount: $650k

ARC SRI e-Research Support grant SR0567319

Title: DADA-HCS: Distributed Access and Data Annotation for the Human Communication Sciences
Investigators: Dr Stephen Cassidy (Macquarie U), Dr Roland Goecke (NICTA/ANU, now UC), Dr Paul Watters (Macquarie U), Dr Markus Buchhorn (ANU), A/Prof David Powers (Flinders U), Prof Michael Wagner (UC), Dr Linda Barwick (U Sydney), Prof Robert Dale (Macquarie U), Dr Jane Simpson (U Sydney)
Period: Aug 2005 – Jul 2006
Amount: $145k