News… HCC Lab researcher Dr Roland Goecke wins ARC Discovery Project grant

06/09/2012 #arc_dp_2013 HCC Lab researcher Dr Roland Goecke has been awarded a Discovery Project grant by the Australian Research Council to continue his research on developing a multimodal diagnostic aid to assist doctors in the diagnosis of depression. The ARC awarded $360,000 for the years 2013-2015 to a team of researchers from UC (Dr Goecke), UNSW (Prof Gordon Parker, Prof Helen Christensen, Dr Julien Epps) and the University of Pittbsburgh (Prof Jeff Cohn, Dr Pat Lucey) under the lead of Dr Goecke.

Dr Goecke and his colleagues are developing reliable and effective sensing technology and evaluating as an objective measure of depressive disorders, a leading cause of disability worldwide. Half of all Australians will experience mental illness during their life, but despite the high prevalence, current clinical practice depends almost exclusively on self-report and clinical opinion, risking a range of subjective biases. The technology analyses a subject’s mental health using a combination of facial movements, expressions and the patient’s voice. An early version of this diagnostic aid is already able to diagnose depression with up to 80 percent accuracy, as shown in a recently completed pilot study.

“The results demonstrate the capacity of affective computing technology to help with and improve the diagnosis of depressive disorders and the monitoring of progress during therapy. As health care costs increase in Australia, the provision of effective health monitoring systems and diagnostic aides is highly important. Affective computing technology can and will play a major role in this,” Dr Goecke added. The funding will enable the researchers achieve their next step: to develop a laptop-based prototype as well as to identify a new generation of objective ‘markers’ of mental illness in subjects’ expressions. "Our ultimate goal is to assist patients with depression to monitor the progress of their illness in a similar way that a patient with diabetes monitors their blood sugar levels with a small portable device."

UC Media Release: UC receives more than $767,000 to research depression, poetry and the fourth age [LINK]

Story in UC Monitor Online: UC funded to study poets, depression and ageing [LINK]

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HCC Lab News… HCC Lab Researchers part of successful $1.4M NeCTAR Virtual Lab grant team

06/09/2012 #nectar2012 Four HCC Lab researchers – Prof Michael Wagner, A/Prof Dat Tran, Dr Girija Chetty, Dr Roland Goecke – are part of a project team involving researchers from 13 different universities all over Australia under the lead of Prof Denis Burnham (UWS), which was earlier this week awarded a total of $1.4M under the NeCTAR Virtual Lab scheme. The team also involves Dr Yuko Kinoshita from UC's Faculty of Arts & Design.

NeCTAR Stage 2 projects announcement:

The project "Above and Beyond Speech, Language and Music: A Virtual Lab for Human Communication Science (HCS vLab)" will bring together a number of existing tools and datasets in a "virtual lab" that can be used by researchers in the broadly named field of human communication sciences, which brings together computer scientists, linguists, psychologists, engineers, forensic scientists and many more. The project builds on the group's expertise and track record in eResearch as well as the related specific subfields of human communication sciences, such as ARC SRi eResearch grants, the ARC Thinking Systems grant, the ARC LIEF grant, the ARC Research Network HCSNet, various ANDS grants, etc. Congratulations to the team!

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HCC Lab News… Paper accepted to ICONIP2012, Qatar

01/08/2012 #iconip2012 A paper by HCC Lab PhD student Behzad Bozorgtabar has been accepted to the International Conference on Neural Information Processing ICONIP2012, Doha, Qatar, 12-15 Nov 2012 [Link to papers]

Paper Title: An Improved NN Training Scheme Using a Two-Stage LDA Features for Face Recognition

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News… Three papers accepted to ICPR2012, Japan

16/06/2012 #icpr2012 Three papers accepted to the International Conference on Pattern Recognition ICPR2012, Tsukuba, Japan, 11-15 Nov 2012 [Link to papers]

  1. J. Joshi, A. Dhall, R. Goecke, M. Breakspear and G. Parker. Neural-Net Classification For Spatio-Temporal Descriptor Based Depression Analysis.
  2. A. Dhall and R. Goecke. Group Expression Intensity Estimation in Videos via Gaussian Processes.
  3. I. Radwan, A. Dhall and R. Goecke. Correcting Pose Estimation with Implicit Occlusion Detection and Rectification.
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News… – Official Launch Workshop for Human-Centred Computing Lab, 23 Nov 2011

23/11/2011 #hcc_lab_launch To celebrate the launch of the Human-Centred Computing Laboratory, home of the Human-Centred Computing Research Programme, at the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering at the University of Canberra, we will have a Research Workshop on Wednesday, 23 Nov 2011. All are welcome to attend!

The workshop will be opened by Senator the Honourable Kate Lundy, Senator for the ACT and Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister; Prof Frances Shannon, DVC-R, and Prof Dharmendra Sharma, Dean Faculty of ISE. The workshop will see keynote addresses by renowned international experts Prof. Kuldip Paliwal, Griffith University, “Modulation-domain speech enhancement”, and Assoc. Prof. Michael Breakspear, Qld Inst of Med Res and University of NSW, “Towards quantitative assessment in psychiatry using embedding technologies”. In addition, it will feature further presentations from members of the Human-Centred Computing research programme and guests on topics of biometrics, affective computing and sports performance analysis.


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News… – UC Research Festival – Wed 19 Oct 2011

19/10/2011 #uc_research_festival Will showcase our research project on developing affective sensing technology as an objective diagnostic aid for diagnosing and monitoring major depressive disorders at the Faculty of ISE stall during the UC Research Festival.

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09/09/2011 #uow_seminar Gave a seminar at the School of Electrical, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering, University of Wollongong on "What the Face Reveals: Using Facial Expression and Motion Analysis for Measuring Affect in Major Depression". A big thank you to Prof Salim Bouzerdoum for hosting me!

02/09/2011 #tvcg Paper accepted to IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics: Facial Performance Transfer via Deformable Models and Parametric Correspondence [PDF]

29/08/2011 #austalk UC / ANU Media release for the AusTalk national audio-video speech dataset [PDF, Link] –  Interview with 2CA 30/08/2011 – Interview with ABC 666 31/08/2011 – UC YouTube Video

22/08/2011 #ands UC's ANDS project for Seeding the Commons has started after being awarded $75k for 12 months

20/07/2011 #uc_ecr_grant #depression Awarded UC DVC-R ECR grant ($20k), July 2011 – June 2012, Project: From Lab to Practice – Developing Robust Affective Sensing Technology for the Diagnosis of Depression

09/06/2011 #interspeech2011 Two papers got accepted to Interspeech 2011

21-25/03/2011 #fg2011 Great Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition conference FG2011 in Santa Barbara! We presented two papers on our facial expression recognition work.

13/03/2011 #pattern_recognition Journal paper in Pattern Recognition accepted, Title: Regression based automatic face annotation for deformable model building

07/03/2011 #ibrahim New PhD student Ibrahim Radwan has started. Welcome aboard!

5/12/2010 #tah-10 Gave a talk at the Thinking AHead 2010 workshop on "A Virtual Mirror for Animating Avatars", Slides [PDF]

22/11/2010 #iconip2010 Presented a paper on automatically building image albums of face images based on similarity of the facial expressions (across different people!), not based on how similar the faces are. Title: "Facial Expression Based Automatic Album Creation", Slides [PDF], Paper [PDF]

25/10/2010 #arc_dp_grant Successful ARC Discovery Project grant application ($240k over 3 years) with Prof Tom Gedeon and Dr Sumudu Mendis from the ANU, Jan 2011 – Dec 2013, Project: Extending Fuzzy Logic (with applications to face and facial expression recognition)

19/10/2010 #uc_vc_dinner Back from the UC VC's dinner for top teaching and research staff held at the new Ann Harding Conference Centre in the NATSEM building.

17/09/2010 #ise_research_seminar I will give a seminar at the UC Faculty of ISE on Friday, 17 Sep 2010, title: What the Face Reveals: using facial expression & motion analysis for measuring affect in major depression". This talk will give an overview of a recently completed pilot study with the Black Dog Institute in Sydney. Slides [PDF], UStreamTV video (completely experimental; apologies for missing audio)

21-28/08/2010 #icpr2010 Gave two presentations at the International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR2010) in Istanbul, Turkey

11/08/2010 #uc_research_fellowship #depression Awarded UC DVC-R Research Fellowship ($18.9k), Aug 2010 – Jul 2011, Project: Affective Sensing Technology for the Quantitative Assessment of Major Depression and Melancholia

28/07/2010 #depression Back from a quick trip to Sydney for a project meeting with the Black Dog Institute. Looking at starting fMRI recordings in August. Exciting!

23/07/2010 #depression Gave a talk at the UWS Medical School in Campbelltown today on "What the Face Reveals: using facial expression & motion analysis for measuring affect in major depression". Thanks to Prof Vaughan Macefield for hosting me!

03/06/2010 #uc_ise_research #markerless_tracking Received a small internal Faculty research support grant ($6k) together with Dr Girija Chetty, Project: Extending Markerless Visual Face Tracking to Body Tracking

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