ISE Adoption of the New Academic Calendar (Winter Term)

This page is internal to the faculty of ISE at the University Of Canberra and is about the ISE response to the new Academic Calendar it is maintained by Robert Cox, and will hopefully contain recent news; policy, and other documents relevant to the changes in the faculty caused by the universities adoption of the new ‘Winter Term’.


The university has a main web page which is devoted to the new academic calendar at:


The core of the ISE response is to run a selection of subjects in the winter term that allow a student doing the 3 year undergraduate degree the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) to fast track that degree and complete in 2.5 years, by doing 4 subjects in the winter term. This means that the student will have less elective choices but completes sooner.


By advertising that the degree can be accelerated to 2.5 years and allowing student in to this arrangement we are committing ourselves and the university to running core BIT subjects in future years. This process of forward scheduling of subjects is essentially new to the Faculty and will involve additional review of any variation to the units on offer in a given semester as well as impacts from any pre-requisite changes. 


The following documents are relevant to the Winter Term:

BIT Typical Course structure for Semester 1 intake 2010


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