Prospective Students

I am actively seeking postgraduate research students. My current research interests are in computer vision and machine learning. Followings are possible topics for future students who want to pursue research with me. If you would like to work on a closely related research topic, I am always open to discussions, provided, it fits under my areas of expertise and I feel comfortable to be able to provide you adequate support.

  • Unsupervised Feature Learning Deep Learning: We are interested in learning discriminative feature representations, in an unsupervised manner, using deep neural networks.
  • Exploring deep neural networks for video analysis. This has potential applications in sports video analysis, affective computing, classification of facial expressions and analysis of videos for understanding persons’ mood and depression classification.
  • Face Recognition: Although, researched for over three decades now, face recognition is still an unsolved problem in the context of many real-world applications. For example, applicability of face recognition on a large scale (thousands or possibly millions of subjects) needs to be explored. I am also interested in building face recognition for security and surveillance applications.
  • Understanding scenes: Compared with images which have only a single object, images of scenes are much complex, and contain more information, which needs to be understood.
  • Please have a look at the prospective projects by Prof. Roland Goecke. You could work jointly with Prof. Roland Goecke and me.

Application Procedure

Applications for Postgraduate studies have to be through UC channels. You will need to apply for both, admission and scholarship. As a first step, please send me your CV/resume. Please look at the following links:

Scholarships for Local Students

If you’re an Australian/New Zealand citizen or have a permanent resident visa, you have to apply for Australian Postgraduate Award (APA). Applicants with a first class honors degree generally have a good chance to secure APA. Look at this link for further info.

Scholarships for International Students

Look at these links.