A/Professor Masoud Mohammadian

Bsc (Flinders), Msc (CQU), PhD (CQU)
School of Information Systems & Accounting
University of Canberra

Dr. Mohammadian’s research interests lie in intelligent information systems, adaptive self-learning systems, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, neural networks and their applications in industrial, financial and business problems, which involve real time data processing, planning and decision-making. His current research also concentrates on the application of computational intelligence techniques for learning and adaptation of intelligent agents and web-based information filtering and data-mining.

His research interests are in the following areas:

Intelligent Decision-Making

Data Mining

Information Technology Management

Neural Networks

Fuzzy Logic

Evolutionary Computing

Adaptive and Optimal Control

Hybrid Systems for Optimisation

Data Analysis, Prediction and Model Identification

Parallel Computing applications in Identification & Control

Decision Making and Information Retrieval

Computational Intelligence and Telecommunications

Robot Dynamics and Control

Autonomous Robots

Intelligent Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

Web Semantics

Intelligent Knowledge Management Systems

Intelligent Business Agents

Adaptation and learning for agents

Agents and e-commerce

Web data mining and information retrieval

Business Reengineering Issues for Electronic Commerce

Requirements Engineering Approaches for Electronic Commerce

Modelling, Classification and Prediction

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