Instructions to install the SymmetryClassification Maple package


  • Maple 11 or newer is required.


  1. Prepare files
    1. Download the ZIP file of the package (link below)
    2. Unzip it somewhere and navigate to the "Installation" folder.
  2. Install files
    1. Open Maple’s "lib" folder.  It is probably something like "C:\Program Files\Maple 13\lib"
    2. Copy "SymmetryClassification.mla" and "SymmetryClassification.hdb" to the Maple "lib" folder.
    3. Close all Maple worksheets.
  3. Check the installation
    1. Open a Maple worksheet.
    2. Type    with(SymmetryClassification);
      The package should load.
    3. Open Maple help.
      — Search for the topic SymmetryClassification. If the help pages loaded successfully
            then the search should locate a total of 9 help pages.
      — Also check the "Table of Contents" in the help. The help pages should be located under
              Mathematics\Differential Equations\SymmetryClassification


There are examples illustrating use of the SymmetryClassification package, in the Examples folder where the download was unzipped.


Portions of the code are copyright to Maplesoft and are distributed in .mla form with permission.



  Date File download
SymmetryClassification 2009-08-12