The University has embarked on an ambitious course of restructuring its research activities by focussing and extending its research in areas of existing strength. In the Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering, this has led to a new research programme under the heading “Human-Centred Computing Laboratory” or HCC Lab, which combines the four existing successful research groups in the areas of

The Biometrics Research Group (Leader: Professor Michael Wagner) is active in the theory and application of biometrics for both authentication and forensics. The Group, which has taken up the work of the former National Centre for Biometric Studies, is engaged in cutting-edge research in voice, face and finger scan recognition as well as in person characterisation, which includes the detection of a speakers sex and age and characteristics such as mood and emotion. It has contributed to voice authentication applications in several Government departments, including the Centrelink speaker recognition software, and it is contributing forensic voice analyses to law enforcement agencies and other clients on a regular basis.

The Vision and Sensing Research Group (Leader: Assistant Professor Roland Goecke) is active in the area of affective computing using video, audio, and physiological measures, and related areas such as computer vision, pattern recognition, image processing, human-computer interaction and signal processing. A particular research and application focus has been on automated face analysis (face modelling, tracking, recognition, expression recognition), object tracking in general, auditory-visual speech processing, and team sport performance analysis. Current applications of the research include face recognition robust to pose and expression variation and person tracking on the sports field and depression detection using audio-video sequences. Much of the work is inter-disciplinary areas with research partners around Australia as well as in the USA and Europe.

The Information Fusion Group (Leader: Assistant Professor Girija Chetty) is engaged in research in the area of multibiometric information fusion, particularly the recognition of a person using their voice, facial image, gait and other biometrics, and the Athletic Performance Analysis Group (Leader: Tania Churchill), in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport, is engaged in the analysis of the performance of athletes in cycling and other sports.

Current activities being undertaken by HCC Lab researchers include the following funded projects:

  • ARC Thinking Systems Project “Thinking Head” ($3.4M 2006-2011 with UWS, Flinders, Macquarie), Michael Wagner, Roland Goecke, Girija Chetty. An avatar human-computer interface, which senses user charac­teristics such as gender, age, affect etc.
  • ARC Large Infrastructure and Equipment Funding Project “The Big Australian Speech Corpus: An Audio-Visual Speech Corpus of Australian English” ($600k 2010 with 10 other Australian universities), Michael Wagner, Roland Goecke, Girija Chetty.
  • ARC Discovery Project “Extending Fuzzy Logic for applications in face recognition” ($240k 2011-2013 together with the Australian National University), Roland Goecke.
  • US National Science Foundation funded project “Mapping Affect and Facial Dynamics during Dyadic Conversation” ($200k over 2 years with University of Virginia), Roland Goecke.
  • Project funded by Deutsche Telekom Corporation on “Human and machine recognition of speech and speaker characteristics over different channels” ($270k 2011-2014 together with Technical University of Berlin), Michael Wagner
  • Current funding by Wellcome Trust ($150k) and University of Canberra Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research Fellowship ($19k) for “Affective Sensing Technol­ogy for the Detection and Monitoring of Depression and Melancholia” with University of NSW and the Black Dog Institute, Roland Goecke.

The Human-Centred Computing Laboratory comprises the following researchers:



  • Prof John Campbell (Faculty of ISE, human-centred computing applications)
  • Assistant Professor Alice Richardson (Faculty of ISE, statistical analysis and data interpretation)
  • Assistant Professor Yuko Kinoshita (Faculty of Arts and Design, Forensic Voice Comparison)

Research Students

  • Sharifa Algowhinem (ANU PhD candidate)
  • Behzad Bozorgtabar (UC PhD candidate)
  • Abhinav Dhall (ANU PhD canidate)
  • Jyoti Dhall (UC PhD candidate)
  • Laura Fernandez (UC PhD candidate)
  • Emdad Hossain (UC PhD candidate)
  • Ramana Oruganti (UC PhD candidate)
  • Ibrahim Ismail Radwan (UC PhD candidate)
  • Anurag Sharma (UC PhD candidate)
  • Lavneet Singh (UC PhD candidate)
  • Ron Smith (UC PhD canidate)
  • David Vandyke (UC PhD candidate)


  • Akshay Asthana (PhD ANU)
  • Bruce Comber (MSc UC)
  • Asim Khwaja (PhD ANU)
  • Gordon McIntyre (PhD ANU)
  • Jason Saragih (PhD ANU)

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