Prior to commencing my studies as a PhD student, I was involved in other research programmes and have gained valuable experiences in project and portfolio management fields. Studying a Bachelor’s degree at University of London during 2004-2007, my final year project was a research around IT architecture for process based project management. This research was mainly focused on designing an enhanced tool for the IT managers to assist them in managing projects.

Having an interest in the field, I started working for RAD NOW ANDISH Co. in 2007 as an IT analyst. During one year of cooperation, I was involved in a project concerning the ICT master plan for the Judiciary department of Iran. The job involved interviews and observations (of people and cases in operation), in order to comprehend the constitution of the Judiciary department of Iran. Following the completion of my bachelor’s degree in 2007, I started my Master’s degree under the supervision of the senior manager of IBM and the academic supervisors at University of Sydney. The research question for this project was regarding the analysis and design of the next-generation of portfolio (level of projects tools). The work comprised a qualitative research by collecting data for a survey, which were based on designed on-line questionnaires. The collected information were analyzed and controlled to identify the requirements of the portfolio managers, which let to the design of the next-generation of the PPM tools.

With the successful completion of my master’s degree, I started a PhD research on Portfolio Management in October 2010. In order to achieve an academic experience, I got involved as a tutor, tutoring Systems and Quality Project Management, Software Engineering Practices, Business Informatics, and Information Systems in Organizations.

My PhD research is under the supervision of the Prof. Craig McDonald and Prof. John Campbell at University of Canberra. My current research topic is “Project Portfolio Management: evaluating a concept”.

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