Multimodal Systems and Information Fusion Research Group

Multimodal Systems and Information Fusion (mSiF) Research Group is part of Human Centred Technology Research Centre(HCT-RC)within Faculty of ESTEM, University of Canberra, and a highly interdisciplinary group with an interest in intelligent multimodal processing of image, video, speech, text, and sensor signals for a wide range of applications including security andsurveillance systems, Biomedical Imaging /eHealth systems, environmental and habitat monitoring systems, and technology for sports, arts, education and science. The group has collaborative links with several research groups including UCHRI, RISE, CSIRO Biomedical Informatics Group, and NICTA Living Lab.

Some of the research projects completed/in progress by the researchers in this group:

1. Multimodal Gait Analysis for Person Identity Verification- Dr. Emdad Hossain , PhD

2. Development of a Smart EHealth Portal for Chronic Disease (Diabetes) management- Maryam Haddad, Masters in Info Science Research)

3. Mining Health Data for Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Machine Learning – Dr. Ashraf Bani Ahmad, PhD

4. Automatic Real Time Endoscopy Assistance (ARENA) – Ali Armin, (PhD in progress – with Dr. Olivier Salvado from CSIRO)

5. Investigating Extreme Machine Learning Techniques- L. Singh, (PhD thesis submitted)

6. Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Networks Based on Machine Learning and Data Mining Techniques – Moh’d Alwadi (PhD thesis submitted)

7. Interoperability in Cloud Computing Systems. – Ms. Susan Sutherland (PhD in progress)

8. Computer Vision and Machine Learning Techniques For Real Estate Price Prediction- Yun Zhao (Prof. Doctorate in progress)

9. Automatic De-identification of Free Text Medical Records (Kunal Rajput – Prof. Doctorate in progress with UCHRI (Prof. Rachel Davey), and NICTA (Dr. Leif Hanlen)

10. Graphical Models Visualisation of Complex Health Data ( Thoai Man Luu – PhD in progress with with UCHRI (Prof. Rachel Davey), and NICTA (Dr. Leif Hanlen)

11. Large-scale Machine Learning for improved health data and surveillance (Robert Phan – PhD in progress with UCHRI (Prof. Rachel Davey), and NICTA (Dr. Leif Hanlen)

12. Predictive Analytics and Data Visualisation( Nitten Rajliwall – PhD in progress)

13. EEG Based Person Identification (Salahiddin Altahat – PhD in progress)

14. Integrating Wireless Body Sensor Networks, Big Data, and Internet of Things – Redefining Holistic Public and Personal Healthcare (Gurpreet Kaur – PhD commenced with UCHRI (Prof. Rachel Davey)

15. Multimodal Fusion Imaging and its applications ( Sandeep Kaur)






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