The University of Canberra Multimodal Biometric (UCMB-Database) Database has developed in University of Canberra, under the Faculty of Education Science Technology and Mathematic (ESTeM).

With the approval of Australian Human-Research Ethics-Committee, the UCMB-Database has established in April 2013. We designed our project (database) studio in combination of real world CC-camera and digital movie camera.

Further, the database has (7) seven different models and each model has four (4) different dimensions. In total twenty eight (28) different set of data has nearly three thousand (3000) video sequences. Based on number of trait, number of sequence and number of dimension; we claim this database is one of largest biometric research database in the world. However, the seven (7) different models are;

  • Normal Walk
  • Fast Walk
  • Walking with Heavy Bag
  • Walking with Hat
  • Walking with Hoody
  • Walking with Overcoat (Long Jacket)
  • Walking with Mask

And four (4) different dimensions are;

  • 130 degree view point
  • 270 degree view point
  • 315 degree view point
  • CC camera from the top (roof) in 315 degree view point in public surveillance environment

Furthermore, to get the database, please download the release agreement form and email it to or


Alternatively send a post-mail to:


Mail box no: 132, Building 6

Faculty of ESTeM, University of Canberra

2061-ACT, Australia