iAwards 2008

AIIA – Australian Information Industry Association


iAwards 2008 – ACT Winner

Category: Education and Training


·       Project team members: Philip Allan Haines, Ngoc Thuy Duong Khuu, Van Tieu-Vinh, and Ping Li

·       Project supervisor: Dr Dat Tran

·       Project title: Audio Studio for Blind and Visually Impaired Users

·       Project summary:


Audio Studio (AS) is an audio version of Microsoft Visual Studio designed for blind and visually impaired users to learn .NET programming and to share their learning with other users. This customised version provides full audio capability that converts text to speech and directs users to use keyboard for performing the functions and keying in programming code.


AS can be used to develop console and windows applications. AS includes

·        Audio Code Editor that supports Intellisense — a form of automated auto-completion,

·        Audio Debugger that directs users to the line containing error and helps user fix it, and

·        Audio Graphical User Interface Designer that helps users design GUI using keyboard only.


Moreover, AS includes Audio Internet Explorer (AIE) — an audio version of Internet Explorer that has audio capability to speak out all hyperlinks and text on a loading web page. AIE also provides a convenience way for users to connect to a special forum designed for blind and visually impaired users to record, hear, upload and download audio files for sharing their learning and experience with other users.


An audio website is also available to provide programming lessons and to connect to the above-mentioned forum.


Currently, blind and visually impaired people have little access to tools and assistance required for them to learn programming languages. AS aims to help blind and visually impaired people achieve equality of access and opportunity in information technology education that will ensure meaningful and equitable employment for their lives.