Peer-Reviewed Conferences:


  • D. Vandyke, and M. Wagner, and R. Goecke.
    R-Norm: Improving Inter-Speaker Variability Modelling at the Score Level via Regression Score Normalisation.
    Proceedings of Interspeech 2013, Lyon. August 25-29. Download
  • *[Awarded Best Conference Paper]
    D. Vandyke, and M. Wagner, and R. Goecke.
    Voice Source Waveforms for Utterance Level Speaker Identification using Support Vector Machines.
    Proceedings of The International Conference on Information Technology in Asia, CITA 2013, Sarawak, Malaysia. July 1-4. Download


  • *[Awarded Best Student Paper]
    D. Vandyke, M. Wagner, G. Chetty and R. Goecke.
    Speaker identification using glottal-source waveforms and support-vector-machine modelling.
    Proceedings of the Australasian International Conference on Speech Science and Technology SST2012, pages 49-52, Sydney, Australia, 3-6 December 2012. Download

Peer Reviewed Abstracts:


  • D. Vandyke, P. Rose and M. Wagner.
    The Voice Source in Forensic-Voice-Comparison: a Likelihood-Ratio based Investigation with the Challenging YAFM Database.
    Proceedings International Association of Forensic Phonentics and Acoustics IAFPA 2013, Tampa, Florida. Download_Abstract

Doctoral Consortiums:


  • D. Vandyke.
    Depression Detection & Emotion Classification via Data-Driven Glottal Waveforms.
    Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction ACII Doctoral Consortium 2013, September 2-5, Geneva, Switzerland. Download

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