EEG-Based Person Recognition

Abstract: This project aims at investigating automatic person identification and verification based on EEG data recorded from that person.

Project Description:
The use of brain wave patterns for person recognition has been investigated recently. It has been shown that the brain-wave pattern of every individual is unique and that the EEG can be used for biometric identification. The use of brain wave patterns as a new modality for person authentication has several advantages: 1) it is confidential because it corresponds to a mental task; 2) it is very difficult to mimic because similar mental tasks are person dependent; and 3) it is almost impossible to steal because the brain activity is sensitive to the stress and the mood of the person, an aggressor cannot force the person to reproduce his/her mental pass-phrase.

Research group: A/Prof Dat Tran, Dr Wanli Ma, Prof Dharmendra Sharma, Phuoc Nguyen, Dinh Phung, Salahiddin Altahat, Tuan Hoang and Trung Le.

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