At the Australian National University I am involved in the teaching of the following units.

POPH8101: 1/2016

I was involved in the teaching of the following units at the University of Canberra from 2013 – 2015.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: WT 2014

Forensic Statistics:

Multivariate Statistics:

Introduction to Statistics:  WT 2015, 1/2015, WT 2014, 1/2014, WT 2013, 1/2013

Biometry / Experiment Design & Analysis: 1/2015, 1/2014, 1/2013

Survey Design & Analysis:

Nonparametric Statistics:

Statistics for Managers: 2/2015


I like to keep a list of interesting data sources. Try 100 interesting data sets and SAS’s data set of data sets.