I studied at Victoria University of Wellington then at the Australian National University.

Some links that have caught my eye as time goes by are:

Kaggle, a platform for data prediction competitions

Understanding uncertainty, produced by the Winton program for the public understandng of risk at the University of Cambridge

Stack Exchange, a Q&A site for statistical analysis

Search the catalogue at the British Library

World of Statistics, following on from the International Year of Statistics in 2013

The following links come from Amstat News, the newsletter of the American Statistical Association.
Statisticians who write: online resources
Ask the Nature Editor Forum
This forum is for scientists who want to learn more about getting their work published in the Nature journals and about careers in scientific editing – straight from the editors of these journals.
A site that includes links to articles about and resources for science writing.
Business Writing
Talks, tips and best picks for writers on the job.
SciDev Net
This site tells how to submit a paper to a scientific journal.
Writing Exercises for Engineers and Scientists
Writing exercises designed to help master various mechanical and stylistic aspects of scientific writing.
Across the Disciplines
An online journal that provides an opportunity for interaction among scholars interested in writing, speaking and otherwise communicating across the curriculum.
Statistics Forums
The ASA Community
The ASA Community provides an online setting for like-minded statisticians to connect with peers through tools that make it easy to communicate, collaborate, and share.
A multidisciplinary online research methods forum started by SAGE Publications for all academics, graduate students, and professionals engaged in research methods.
Talk Stats
Would you like to help answer statistics questions? Visit Talk Stats, a community of professionals who dedicate some of their spare time to helping others.
A Yahoo Group for Statisticians
This is a platform for statisticians to exchange knowledge with others based on their exposure to different statistical theories and software.
Web Sites for Those Who Love Visual Data
Junk Charts
Recycling junk charts as junk art.
The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press
Graph Jam
Music and culture for people who love charts
Gallery of Data Visualisation
The best and worst of statistical graphics.
Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics and Data Visualisation
Visualisation Papers
Research papers brought to you by the Computer Science Division and the University of California, Berkeley
81 Optical Illusions and Visual Phenomena
Visualisation of Complex Networks
A Demonstration of the “Elastic List” Principle for Browsing Multi-Faceted Data Structures
Statistics Blogs
Statistician in Training: A graduate student writes about his day
William M. Briggs: all manner of statistical analyses cheerfully undertaken
The Scholarly Kitchen: What’s hot and cooking in scholarly publishing
Open Content Alliance: building a digital archive of global content for universal access
Freakonomics: the hidden side of everything
Blog on LaTeX Matters: reporting without troubles
Science Museums and the Like
Whipple Museum of the History of Science, Cambridge, UK