Smart Teaching: Understanding What the Brain Can’t Ignore

I liked the six dot points given in this blog for smartening up your teaching.

A – Awaken the Intrigue—We talk about sometimes not saying anything and creating an experience to really capture their attention.

B – Begin and End Often—We emphasize the importance of unpredictable routines and planned transitions so that kids feel safe but excited about what we’re learning.

C – Create Lots of Contrast—Sometimes we know to say it louder, we need a catchy series title, or a counter-intuitive Bottom Line or even visuals on the screen.

D – Draw them in with Stories—We’re wired for authentic stories, which is why we encourage leaders to personalize and share in appropriate ways every week.

E – Emotion Drives Attention—We know that kids are drawn in when they can empathize and relate, in addition to seeing how it applies in their own lives.

F – Focus on the Big Idea—This may be the most important point in an age of constant information. Say less so you can say it clearer and say what matters most. We want to really impress this on young minds and recycle key truths so they stick.

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